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on Apr 23, 2020 in Wildlife Photography

Great Time for Hummers!

Allen’s Hummingbird
captured by D5 / 180-400VR

Hummers pretty much around the country are doin that “birds & the bees” thing right now. This is the perfect time to capture photos like this, the males “defending” their feeder. This display is part of a displaced aggression showing visually to other male hummers that he “owns” this feeder. So how did I get the shot?

Out of frame right is a hummingbird feeder, no more than 14 inches away (4:1 sugar water, no food coloring). The perch you see that the hummer is perched on is just a “stick” that is held by a Justin Clamp that is attached to a light stand. I can move that perch around based on the light and the background, the background is a biggie! I have the camera rig (you can use any length lens you have) on a tripod. The camera set to Aperture Priority, matrix metering, and more importantly, the advance set to Continuous High. I have manually prefocused on the branch and then I focus just a titch closer. Then I wait. When the hummer starts to land or starts to take off, the hummer begins to fly. It’s perched and it even hiccups, I hit the hammer. And that’s how I got the shot. It will take a couple of sessions but give it some time because it’s a great time for hummers!

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