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on Oct 6, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Group Flash – 1 Button Settings!

Mary Jane
captured by D850 / 105f1.4 / SB-5000

Working with Nikon’s Wireless flash system really rocks in my book! Coming from the days of the BC-7 (that took a flash bulb), this system is simple and incredibly efficient. With the SB-5000 at the core, using the WR-R10, you can work wirelessly with the SB-5000 with the D5, D850, D500 and D7500. The one issue I have with this system can be quickly and easily dealt with. Rather than having to access the Menu or push a bunch of buttons a bunch of time, you can do it all with one button. Here’s a simple 2min video how to achieve this ease. Keep in mind that the WR-R10 must be plugged into the camera to do the following programming (starting with the D850 in the video):

captured by D7500 / 16-80DX / 5 SB-5000s

The bottom photo was shot with the D7500 and a boat load of SB-5000s as you can see in this BTS D7500 video. The top photo was taken in a new
KelbyOne Class we just taped on the Nikon Wireless System (out in Dec). Both shot wirelessly and completely controlled at the camera with just one button.

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