House Wren captured by Z 9 / 800f5.6 AFS

Sharon & I were so routing for him! He would be outside our bedroom window before sun up singing and continue all day until sundown. He was at it for almost two months. Though I had seen him once in the company of another wren and I thought I saw copulation, the singing persisted. We thought he hadn’t found a mate. We started to call him Mr Lonely Heart. Then at the beginning of the week we saw him with food in his bill heading into the nesting box. Then we saw TWO wrens with food heading into the nesting box! So, obviously had he not only found love, he made some kids!! And as soon as we discovered this, his singing stopped. What we interpreted as looking for love was actually, bragging he had found love. This little guy is quite the character making observation and photography mandatory for us. When Sharon is in her garden tending to it, he is all around her within arms reach looking for bugs. When I’m out photographing him, he flits all about and the moment I walk away from the camera, he make my 800mm his perch. Our daily vigil now is not to see if he founds love, but looking for the kids to stick they head out the hole. I still don’t know how he found our nesting box, even bigger mystery is how he found a mate, but we’re so glad he found love!

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