female Pileated Woodpecker captured by Z 6II / 180-400VR

It all started when we moved to The Ranch and I started investigating what were the local birds that we could attract might be. I found that across the valley (we’re in the Sapphires and the Bitterroots are on the westside) are Pileated Woodpeckers. Well, I wanted to have them in our yard so I put up some invites. It started with the woodpecker feeder and then the Pileated feeder. And if darn if they didn’t show up. We saw and photographed plenty of males, but we never saw a female. We even had two fledging males come on by. We thought once we saw her lurking in the back trees once, but never really sure. You can tell the male from the female at a distance by the male’s distinctive red mustache (I’m jealous, mine us to be red). Then on one of my trips, Sharon was entertained by one that was at The Ranch every day.
I got back and saw it and other than enjoying its presence and watching it, never really paid close attention to details. Last week I had the time so I grabbed the Z 6II / 180-400VR and spend some time with it. That’s when I realized he, was a she! Her pattern doesn’t vary much, eats at both feeders, heads down to Vs.4 water features, and then calls. It would seem the calling has to do with her letting other Pileateds know it’s her territory. She’s great company every day, Maggie or our chores don’t phase her so she’s a great addition. Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect nesting tree I can plant to encourage a more permanent occupation. So, say Hello Mrs. P!
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