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on Jan 18, 2019 in Aviation

“Hit or Miss”

“Hit or Miss”
captured by Z7 / 180-400VR

In 1943, #43-48950 left the factory and was flown over the northern route to England. There she served for the next two years. She finished up her amazing WWII career as the lead plane for Operation Varsity, taking the British 6th Paratroopers over the Rhine. She came back to the states and for the next thirty years sprayed mosquitoes in Florida. Then she was parked, forgotten. That’s until two years ago!

“Hit or Miss” is returning to England this June to be a part of the 75th Anniversary D-Day tribute. She will be amongst some forty odd C-47s / DC-3s flying over the Normandy beaches on 6 June, a site not seen since March 1945 and Operation Varsity. She will make at least two drops of skydivers over France as part of the tribute. You can follow the journey of “Hit or Miss” from the beginning two years ago, current progress and her flight to Greenland, Iceland, the UK and beyond on Twitter and Facebook and be a part of this amazing piece of history that Turin Aviation Group and a group of volunteers has brought back to life to honor our Greatest Generation. We look forward to you’re Friending our page and seeing you there with your questions and participation!

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