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on Dec 29, 2014 in WRP Ed Zone

Holidays Means Family Time


Sharon & I were very fortunate that Jake made the drive down to spend Christmas with us. Many years ago before my mom passed away, she had handed down to jake a box of odd monies she had collected over the years. Some of it was from my dad and in this box, Jake found some Japanese Invasion Money. Jake had been checking into it over the last couple of months which lead him to wonder about just when and where his grandfather had picked it up. So we spent the day getting my dad’s slides (Kodachromes) out of archival storage and going through them. It was no easy process but oh man, what a ton of fun exploring which lead to more questions than answers.

DP - Crew 50 RAFB 25 Oct'51c

One just has to look at one of my dad’s slide mounts to figure out why I’m so anal about image filing. Each mount has the role number, image number, date and subject meticulously written on everyone. So we went through the few slides of his we have (another part of the puzzle is to figure out where much of his slides went) and Jake wrote down all this info for each slide. And some of the images like the ones above I scanned (Nikon LS-5000 / Silverfast) in so Jake could take them home with him. My dad (1st row, far left) is here with his crew in front of a B-50, 25 Oct,’52 at Randolph AFB. We know that because it’s all written on the slide mount. Now I went and took a photo of Jake (Df / 24f1.4 AFS) at the light table to record the memory of family time during the holidays as well as a little history lesson. For those who never did it, this is a light table and this is how for two decades I sorted, edited and filed images. And this is truly what photography is all about, freezing time, creating memories so in this case, three generations can come together to share them decades later because holidays means family time.

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