Coyote captured by Z 9 / Z600f4 TC @840mm

Our camera bag, the kit, needs to contain many tools with storytelling being at the top of the list. There is no greater joy then putting a smile on someone’s face when they see your click. I will admit that is easier said then done many times. In this case, the Coyote was busy mousing and not really paying attention to us, but then again, he was kinda. Shooting without a tripod, it was pretty easy to walk when it was walking, stop when it stopped so within a short time, it ignored us placing us in the best spot with a clean background. Then it comes to taking of the photo. It was a slightly overcast day, gray skies and you know what they say about gray skies. So I overexposed by +1/3 to brighten up the scene. That’s real important when thinking story and humor, light! Coyotes really talk with their tail, just like our Maggie and I’m really keyed in on that. Watching the tail I had a good idea when it would pounce. With that, I would put the Coyote in the center in the frame to emphasize the tail direction that takes you down to the ears. Yeah, that is a lot to think about when you’re shooting but that’s all part of storytelling. All those little pieces when they comes together helps the humor tap the imagination!
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