I just think these are the coolest birds, the Turkey Vulture. I am often asked what one critter have I not photographed that I want to. Obviously I’ve photographed the Turkey Vulture but never on a nest. I day a paper presented on these misunderstood birds long ago and say some cool images of their nest life and have always wanted to spend a season at a nest ever since. Where most look at birds like the Robin to signal the coming of spring, I look to the TV migrating up the Eastern Sierra. The one factoid I love about TVs is, they use more calories to perch then they do to fly. That’s pretty darn cool!

Then there is that red head, I just love it! It has a very specific biological reason, it’s all about cleanliness. Vultures stick their heads in places where heads shouldn’t go, into gooey, gory, parts of dead things eating stuff that smell alone would knock us off. Because of that, they have no feathers on their heads so they can keep clean easier. That’s cool evolution! North America has three in vultures, the Turkey, Black and California Condor. Other then the condor, vultures tend to be ignored even though they are not only cool, but an important part of our wild heritage. Some populations in North America have suffered some server decline in the last decade. If you have the opportunity, give them a little of your time. You might just find them like me, pretty darn cool! Photos taken with D4 w/600VR.

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