Moon over Kachemak Bay captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8

I had no clue if it was a strawberry, harvest, super, blue, or the morning of the eclipse last month. All I knew was the moon was gorgeous (is it just me, were all these moon “colors” around when we were kids? No clue). The sun was setting after 11PM and from my room on the bay, I could watch the moon ever so slowly rise in the last glow of the day’s light. The color changed continually so I simply couldn’t put down the Z 6Ii / Z70-200f2.8. And while it was gorgeous, I had no clue how I wanted to bring that story home!

Yeah, I knew the basics to underexposure and focus on the moon and how to connect the lens to the body, but where I wanted the moon in the frame, how big or small, nothing just said to me, “THIS IS THE ONE!” So as the clock clicked by and the light and color changed, I changed up how I told the story. The image at the top I like the best of them, but not one just leaps out to me and that happens. It doesn’t mean I don’t shoot but it does mean that I will more than likely never share it.  In all reality, how are you to know the story if I hadn’t a clue?

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