F-22 Raptor captured by D5 / 180-400VR

Yeah, I’m not really a “modern” fighter kinda shooter. There are a couple of reasons for this primarily, I know I won’t ever get into a cockpit for an A2A to have all the images I’d want to tell the story visually so I put my time into those I know I can tell their story. And there are lots and lots of great images of these gorgeous aircraft out there telling their story. With that said, I want to add to my files some great shots of them just for my own satisfaction. The photo of the F-22 tells me there is hope for me when I look at the photo of the F-35 which blows chunks!

So I’ve committed myself to getting out in 2023 and work the skies to the best of my abilities to make those shots happen. For me, this means making the shot IN THE CAMERA and not on the computer! This means a couple of things. First, I gotta get my butt on some flight lines and more than just once! I’ve started that process. Next, I need to keep lifting my 10lbs weight to strengthen my left arm more. With that, practice, practice, and practice my handholding and panning. Finally, decide what rig am I going to shoot with. My first inclination is the Z 9 / 180-400VR. I love the balance, easy 1.4x addition, and of course the sharpness! But then there is the Z400f4.5 which is so light and so sharp. The first flight line is a month away so I gotta get to it.

It’s all in my wheelhouse, I just got to make it happen for myself. I’m telling you all of this because the same applies to you, your photography, and your passions! You’ve gotta find that subject, and go after it with the intention of doing better behind the camera! You’ve got to make the plans, do the practice then get out and do it. It’s how we improve our photography. At least, it’s how I improve mine. I will do better!

F-35 Lightning II captured by D5 / 180-400VR
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