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on Feb 4, 2015 in Gear Just Introed!, Just Out!

I’m Out of Breath – VideoMic X!


Do you remember that first stereo you bought (this is you old folks) and you set up the speakers and you could hear that train from ZZ Top go from one corner of your room to the next? Well when I got the brand New Rode VideoMic X yesterday, I wanted to hear that on my DSLR video! SO I set up the D4s with the VideoMic X on it with my settings dialed in and started running back and forth making train sounds. Once I realized I was too winded to do anymore, I got in the truck and drove up and down the street. Damn if this mic didn’t catch that all right to left and then left to right sound, beautifully! (can’t wait to get to the airport for some flypasts!)

Yes, I’m nuts but I love having fun! If you think I’m going to post a video of my running and huffin and puffin, you’re nuts! But if you’re wondering why I have this mic, it’s because of the wonderful “surround” sound as well as side to side stereo recording it captures. There are many times when I want ALL the sound and not a targeted sound. I have a whole bunch of examples in my mind to record this month which I will share with you. For right now, I’ve gotta catch my breath so I can go play some more! If you’re wondering what that top photo is, that’s the Deadcat that comes with the VideoMic X for outdoor recording. The fungus looking screen comes with it as well that you see in the lower photo. And if you want to learn more or hear results from this wonderful mic, head here.

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