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on Oct 17, 2017 in Field Reports

I’m Loving Breakthrough

Batten Kill River
captured by D850 / 24-70VR / Breakthrough 6x ND

Blurry water, been doing that for a long, long time. I hated the days of guessing with film, even in the early days of digital. Now though, it’s really dang simple to the point of I probably do it more than I should. The simplicity comes from using the D850 which can easily focus through the Breakthrough 6x ND. Now the Breakthrough is the FINEST ND I’ve ever used! Besides totally loving its knurled filter ring, its color integrity is spectacular! There is no color cast, period! And with the ND Timer app, it’s a snap to make the perfect exposure from the get go. I start at ISO64, then close the lens down and look at the shutter speed (shooting in Aperture Priority). I have the AF Sensor on an element in the frame that provides either contrast, strong vertical or diagonal lines then screw in place the Breakthrough 6x ND filter. I then hit the AF-ON button to make sure focus hasn’t been effected, look at the ND Timer app to calculate the exposure time, put the D850 in M Mode then Time, hit the start button and enjoy the photo. Just darn simple and a ton of fun. Check out the Breakthrough ND filters, simply gorgeous making fun photography, fun!

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