Blue Jay
captured by D6 / 180-400VR

I’ve photographed every Jay in North America over the past forty years. One, the Blue Jay has eluded me and while I’ve seen them forever, I’ve had no luck getting glass on them. A very common bird who thousands have photographed, I wasn’t one of them until finally, today.

I love Jays! I had one in Santa Barbara at the house that would come down and take peanuts from me. In Mammoth, we had Squeaky, a Stellar Jay that would keep us company around the property. I photographed them a lot! When we moved to The Ranch, one of the first things we found was a pile of blue feathers, a Blue Jay that had been taken out by the resident Cooper’s. I figured they wouldn’t come around much after that. So a month later when we heard a Blue Jay, I thought there might be hope.

In the last month, we’ve had four pop in and out of the feeders but were incredibly shy. Finally this afternoon I made my mind up to at least get glass on one. There I sat in the 38 degrees photographing every bird species BUT the Blue Jay. Just when the sun had left the perches and I was about to wrap things up, I heard them call. Moments later one landed in the branch to give me an eye. It sat long enough for a couple of clicks, then it went to the feeder for a moment and then, gone. The good news is, I broke the jynx. The better news, I can only improve on this photo cause it finally happened.

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