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on Dec 28, 2012 in Landscape Photography

It Only Takes 1 Minute!


Jake & I made another what we call a “suicide run” where we hit the road at 3am (on a snowy morning) and drive to SoCal to do a shoot and then drive back home. Twelve hours of driving for a couple of hours of shooting. Like this one, the majority to turn out to be more than worth the time invested driving. And the drive up and down the Owen’s Valley is always gorgeous! We’d just come past Owens Lake where a Air Guard F-16 had crashed 30min earlier when we saw this unique snow flurry on the eastside of the valley. Being so cold, the weight caused this cool little snow storm which for us photographers, was a great shot. So we stopped and shot a couple of frames. After making the couple of shots, we got back in the truck and merged will all the skier traffic heading to our town and proceeded north.



I’d left the D4 / 24-70 out because, well, you just never know what Mother Nature is going to do. We were watching the clouds when all of a sudden what seems to be an updraft took this cloud and gave it a very bad hair day! Loved the shape, loved the light and loved the “bad hair” look to the top of the cloud. The thing that always amazes me is that the really cool shots just take a minute to happen. Then a minute later they are gone. It’s your being there that minute that counts! It was a great road trip with a great ending. Oh, and that plane crash, it was reported the pilot was seen ejecting and then later walking across the lakebed carrying his parachute.

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