Bryce Canyon captured by D1 / 17-35f2.8 in 2000

… that brand new 64MB compact flash card arrived just as we were packing the truck with xc skies heading to Bryce Nat’l Park. It was Feb., 2000 and the D1 was going to get its first abuse in cold temps and jarring environments skiing the rim. It all seems like yesterday!

Why does this matter other than fond memories? I’ll be heading back to Bryce in a little over a week and while the landscape has not changed in those twenty years, one important thing has. Yes, this time I’ll have with me the mirrorless Z 6II (loaded with 1TB ProGrade CFexpress) and lenses, that’s not the big change. Nope, the biggest difference in this scenario is me!

There is no doubt that the Z 6II and mirrorless lenses will influence some of what I shoot, but it’s all I’ve learned and experienced since that February 2000 trip that will have the greatest impacts. That’s why prior to returning to any location where I’ve shot previously, I take time to go though my prior images. I go to refresh my memory of what I did right, what I did wrong, what I want to shoot again and perhaps come up with some ideas of how to tell the story just a little bit better. Our photographs are great helping us relieve memories, they are even better at teaching us how to improve our photography. Even if, it seems like yesterday!

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