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on Aug 28, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

“It’s All About Problem Solving”

Dave Black
photo captured by Nikon Z7 / Z24-70f4

One of my first classes in photography was taught by my best instructor. He said the first day of class, “It’s all about problem-solving!” “Those who can solve problems in the picture taking process are those who will be successful. And those who can’t, well …” The funny thing about this simple proposition or, fickled finger of fate is, it’s true! I had the great fun of flying to NYC for the Nikon Z7 launch with my dear friend and hero Dave Black. We pretty much spent the three days together reminiscing as well as comparing notes on the Z7. And the funny thing is, we talked most about the Z7 and the problems we could see it solving in our own photography. Above, Dave has the 105f1.4 on the Z7 / FTZ to see if it does work as advertised. It most certainly does! It was simple, old fashion identifying problems and working out the solutions. What you should do with ANY piece of gear YOU think of buying!

The Amazing Stacey & Charlie
photo captured by Nikon Z7 / Z24-70f4

Another example is for our upcoming Normandy Bound project. We shoot about 1TB of video a day on the project. We’re going to be gone for 40 days. Do the math, that means we’ll need about 40TB, repeat, 40TB of storage for just the video part of the project. Then you can double that again for the backup, which will be shipped back to the office during the trip. I wish I had an answer for this problem that is simple as, buying a Z7.

That’s because the Z7 solves some big video issues for us like focus follow and pull/push focusing. The smaller form factor of the Z7 means we can place it in at least two locations on the aircraft where the D850 physically can’t fit. A few have asked if the single XQD slot is an issue which for me, it’s not. I guess I’m just too old school because one, my Nikon film cameras only took 1 roll at a time, my D1 and other digital cameras only had 1 slot and in all my years, what has broken down is my brain and not my gear. You see, being old school, I was taught that photography in a large part is all about problem-solving. My gear will never be the perfect fit for my shooting, I problem solve. My brain will never be perfect, so I problem solve. And my photography, well, it’s never perfect so every day to improve I remind myself, it’s all about problem-solving!

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