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on Mar 15, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

It’s Here … It’s Here!

Yep, the MB-D18 for the D850 finally arrived! It is amazing just how light it is. In fact, and this could just be me, but attaching the MB-D18 to the D850 makes the whole rig feel lighter than just the D850 by itself. It’s really nice to have the vertical firing button and AF-On button. I’m using it with the EN-EL15a battery tray because I’m after a “portable” long life time lapse rig. With the MB-D18 attached, the entire rig is taller than the D5 and that’s not what I want for everyday shooting with the little jem that is the D850. The one thing I noticed that the bottom of the MB-D18 doesn’t seem perfectly flat. I first noticed that with a students camera and now confirm that with the one sent me. The “fix” (if you’re like me and putting cameras down fast and not looking) is simply the RRS Plate which instantly solves the problem. So once the current storm system goes through, it’s time for testing the two batteries. Can’t wait!

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