What’s the most important tool, that you already own, for the perfect photograph? It’s the exact same tool you need to improve your photography too? I’ve become quite aware of late that there is a perception it’s the size of the camera bag that counts. Rather, it’s the size of your heart that counts! It pumps the passion through your photography! The most important tool is the one between the ears which is empowered by your heart! I remember fondly when I went to the camera counter at Fedco with my hard earned cash in hand to buy my first camera. I knew I would be buying a Minolta SRT202 but it was what we call a “kit” lens was the big question. You had the option of the 50f2, 50f1.8 or the 50f1.4 – it was the most expensive. I didn’t have the money for the f1.4 (which was my choice) with sales tax. My dad stepped in and covered the extra from sales tax so I walked out with that body and one lens. For the next year, that was it, my total kit and it taught me so much. I’ve written many, many times that when I get a new body or lens, I marry myself to it for weeks and weeks just shooting with it. This comes from my first purchase. You’ve probably read my words advice when folks ask what lens they should buy next. If you find yourself backing up all the time, get a wide angle. If you find yourself getting closer all the time, purchase longer. This comes from my first year with that 50f1.4. You might notice my preference to shooting wide open. Yep, that comes from that first year with the 50f1.4! And yes, I still love and own a 50mm, now the Z50f1.2. I’ve been very fortunate throughout my carrer having the work that pays for my passion permitting me to have the kit I require to tell my visual storytelling. And while that kit has changed many, many times in my years and is changing, again, there is one tool that has been in the kit since the very beginning. The most important one we all have, our heart! Look at what you do have in your kit and empower it with your heart and you’ll see just how much gear you really do have. You don’t need every lens in the store or your friends kit to be successful and for your photography to grow. It’s the size of your heart that counts, not the size of your kit. It’s not the size that counts!
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