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on Apr 17, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Landscape Out The Window

Cabin fever, landscape photographers are really feeling it judging from the emails of the past week. Getting out on the road, starting the day with a vast landscape stretching before you and then the celebratory breakfast with friends recounting the wonders seen and memories made. I know of no substitution for this marvelous experience other than the real thing. Good thing it’s not too far off in our future. In the meantime, can you sharpen your landscape photographic skills without leaving your home? I think you can and it starts with stretching your imagination!

I selected two photos I took standing inside and shooting out a window to illustrate my thought. One is with a very wide angle lens, 14mm and the other shot with a long lens, 200mm. The goal, of course, is to tell a visual story about the landscape and that comes from inside you. The challenge comes from taking what YOU see every day and making a photo that others don’t see every day and sharing that experience with them. You might see that tree all the time, how can you share that tree which has come to mean something to you, with others? Does it require just light, clouds, a bird, a swing, what? You might see that incredibly small detail of a weather vane all the time, but what light, depth of focus, what focal brings the viewer of your photo in intimate contact with it? This very simple yet very difficult self-assignment of your home landscape are lessons you can easily use once you get back to that vast landscape you long for. Because, in reality, it all starts with the landscape our the window!

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