Epson Print Layout screen capture

I have been an Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art lover since it was first released. It has long been discontinued and for a while, I used Hot Press Natural & Enchanced Matte but it just wasn’t the same. A large, large print critter order came in for the holidays and I needed to be thrilled with the results so I contacted my good friend Dano who wisely said, “Legacy Fibre.” As in, that’s what his whole email said to me. Well …

I bought a 50′ roll and made my first test 22.5 by 33.75 inch print of the wolf image that you see here. Me being me, my head went back and forth, back and forth like at a tennis match watching the print head laying down the image. When it came out, a smile came across my face. I put it through the deroller and laid it next to the Hot Press Natural and an Ultra Smooth print of the same image. Oh my, it didn’t take another test print to win me over, but I made two more of two different images just to make sure. The feel and detail is such you can taste them. The range is spot on and the depth brings the textures to life. The wolves are mellow set of subdued colors. In comparison I printed some parrots from Australia which are anything but subdued. This matte paper brought both spectrums to life in deliciousness. I was thrilled and so was our client. I had printed on Legacy Fibre when it first came out but not 24x30s, smaller stuff. Wish I had because I have found Legacy Fibre is the critter photographer’s best friend!

Gray Wolves captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR
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