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on Sep 24, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Let the Color In!

Cripple Creek, CO
captured by D4s / 200-400 w/drop-in polarizer

It’s time, fall color is starting to peak in some regions which means it’s time to get out and celebrate the light! The emails are coming in asking for help and I’m happy to help as best as I can. I have some basic advice to pass along to get you started. At the top of the list is watching the light and use a polarizer whenever you can. The polarizer is to remove the blue color cast of the sky off the leaves. In other words, remove the blue of the sky that is reflecting off the leaves. This is important when photographing fall color that is front lit. It brings out the brilliant color of the leaves.

Next, try shooting the fall color backlit! It is a fast and easy way to punch up the color and drama of the fall color. Walk into a grove, look up, and backlit those colorful gems. Perhaps include the sun and close down the aperture to get a nice starburst.

One of my favorites techniques though for fall color is to go long. The photo above is a small slice of the hillside you see below. Shooting at 400mm, the small patch of orange is now front and center and with the inclusion of green, looks more vibrant with simply its addition.

There are many good resources out there to help you zero in on the good fall color and to help you celebrate it in your photography. I have a number of classes on KelbyOne and one just on fall color HERE. Get out with your camera and let the color in!

Cripple Creek, CO
captured by D4s / 24-70 w/polarizer
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