Coquille River Head Light
captured by D850 / 70-200f4 AFS

We’re taking a play right out of Hollywood playbook to bring the night to day, romance to dull. Lighthouses are a very romantic symbol, guarding our coastline and welcoming home our seafarers. Their light reaches out to sea to guide lost souls back to safety. Their very name contains the essence of their being, light …. house. So in our photographs, that light that emanates from the house is very much part of their story. There are times when we can capture that magical beam, there are times we cannot. It’s those times we cannot that now we can!

What you see below is the before and the top, the possibility. Getting to the possibility was real simple. First. The Coquille River Light hasn’t operated since 1932 so the only way to bring its light back to life is in post. It started by shooting with the D850 / 70-200f4 AFS leaving room for a beam to be included in post. Shooting while the sun was still up yet mellowed by a thin layer of clouds was essential. With all that in place, we turn to Hollywood and bring our scene into night by turning it blue and then, well, follow this recipe and you have light. But never lose sight that the light all begins from within you!

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