Nikon has announced the amazing D7100 today, the top in their DX family. It is much more than an upgrade to the D7000 and I know this first hand. I had the great honor and huge photographic challenge to be part of the team to produce the images for the announcement of the D7100. Along with the amazing Nikon Team, Sharon & I spent two weeks deep in the Costa Rican rainforest in January shooting with the D7100 (simply an amazing experience!). I really can’t describe in words the D7100 performance, but I think the nearly 13k stills and video I brought back from those two weeks do!


I really like this camera!!! This 24MP, high dynamic range, 7FPS (in HSC mode) with Custom Setting e4 monster produced for me whether shooting deep in the forest, bouncing offshore in a boat, from kayak to high over head to on the beach. A great example is the photo of the poison dart frog. After parking, we walked deep into the forest following a small creek in being followed by Spider Monkeys. All of us had eyes on the muddy ground looking for the dark blue / black form of a frog the size of a quarter. Armed with the D7100 with 60macro, we kept walking. We stopped to work with a Vine Snake as Jason continued up the creek. In a little while we heard the prey had be discovered. Our amazing guide Gary wrangled the poisonous critter so for 90min, stooped over this tiny subject, the D7100 captured the black body on the green leaf with the highlight in the water, not missing a pixel! Simply amazing!


The process of shooting this project for Nikon with the D7100 is nothing like you might think. Nothin! There is a lot more to it than just taking purty pictures. I now have a whole new level of respect for the photographers who have come before me shooting these campaigns. At the same time, I have a whole new level of respect and awe for what goes into the production of these bodies. You can read the specs for the D7100 here but I can honestly tell you, they don’t do justice to the capabilities of the D7100!


There is one helluva of a lot more to share with you about the D7100 and I will in time, the project and the amazing Costa Rican rainforest and our host for two weeks, Luna Lodge. But right now you just wanna know two things. The specs of the D7100 and what Moose thinks about the body. Moose thinks the D7100 is a freakin great body that is a slam dank, gotta have!

(Note: all photos shot with D7100, files direct from camera, Jpegs with all metadata removed. Lenses: 500f4, 10.5, 70-200f4, 60micro)

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