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on Aug 3, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

Light – New KelbyOne Class

Light is EVERYTHING in photography! Light is EVERYTHING to the mind’s eye and how it moves through our world to provide us information, entertainment, and enjoyment. How do we bring the two together in our photograph to tell a story? This and so much more is in my new KelbyOne Class on Light. There is no f/stop or flash, ACR or Photoshop, this class is all about how YOU see your world and bring it into your PHOTOGRAPHS for others to see your world.

About Course:
Follow the light! Join Moose Peterson for an inspiring look at how to use light as a means to tell a story with your photographs. In this class Moose draws on his 40 years of experience as a photographer to teach you how to see light, how to understand the way the human brain responds to photographs, and how to bring all of that information to bear to create more evocative and impactful photos. Chock full of examples, stories, and insight, you’ll end up with a deeper appreciation for the qualities of light that you can blend with your passion for image making.

It might just be the most important key to your photography!

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