Kodiak Brown Bear mom & cub captured by Z 9 / 800f5.6AFS

I have been incredibly fortunate, and fortunate should be underlined, italicized and in bold, being able to enjoy, study, research and photograph in Alaska for the past four decades. I have seen things you can’t imagine and only able to photograph a small part of that. Like this morning, a wolf pack took a moose calf in the trees. Heard that calves pleads for life, saw the cow dash about for thirty minutes in misery, don’t have a single click of any of it. Then there are spectacles of our wild heritage I have been able to photograph and share with you all, like this amazing Kodiak Brown Bear mom and family! This past week though, I have had my worse fears confirmed, in part why I’m here this week, that photographers have done more damage then good with their cameras. I saw it happen in another locale fifteen years ago with coastal Griz and now with my Northern Cousins in the Chugash. I’ve been in this spot before, having a great place to sit, watch, relish in and photograph a critter only to loose it to the masses. In the past, I was able to find a place to replace it. That’s getting harder and harder to do because society as a whole has been wiping out paradise . It’s a hard reality for me to accept. But I’m back once again looking for greener pastures.

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