I’m often asked how I shoot my product shots for the website. It actually changes each time I set up based on the new gear that’s in the office. This time the new is the table top counter and the Z7. Every time I want to shoot something, I have to set up the “studio” so it’s a little different each time. I take a photo of the final set up for reference for the next time. The Z7 with the Nikkor 70-180micro was great to work with as I could instantly see the photo in the EVF and make changes to exposure without moving my eye from the viewfinder. I really like using the Profoto B2 because it takes up such little space with its big light. The main light (in the OCF 1.3×1.3 softbox) is the main light at 9.7 power. The second head with the OCF Snoot was at 7.8 power. The second light gave a slight rim separating the blacks. And the SB-5000 shooting up through the table work perfectly with it all. The SB-5000 powered with the SD-9 were on M, 1/4 power. This is how I took this photo, ISO 200, Shutter Speed 1/200 f/30.

Note: BTS shot taken by Z6 / Z24-70

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