Caddo Lake captured by Z 8 / Fisheye

The sunrise started out like most, a glow on the horizon that slowly spread overhead. Then like normal, it began to fade but with the blink of an eye, it came roaring back. The color overhead seemed to have been recalled by the rising sun and went towards the east. The intensity of the moment overwhelmed the senses which I took as a queue to switch out from the Z24-70f2.8 to the Fisheye. Bringing back this memory required two important technical things, -1 exposure comp and 10k WB. The underexposure saturated the red the 10k WB was recording. For over twenty minutes the red blazed, the sun coming up behind the clouds but hidden from view. The show was so magnificent the God Beam you see I never saw while shooting. I couldn’t take my eyes off that color! It was only once I got back and got the images on the computer and stood back from the moment did I see it. It was like no other sunrise I’d experienced. It was simply, grand!

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