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on Jan 2, 2020 in Field Reports

MB-N10 … Nice Balance

MB-N10 mounted on Z7 / Z24-70f2.8

I was truly intrigued when the box arrived from Bedfords containing the couple of MB-N10s. I wanted them for two specifics reasons, the extra battery (for remote video and time-lapse) and larger handgrip (check, accomplished!). It’s really simple for me, I had these two needs I wanted solved and the MB-N10 takes care of them very nicely. Yeah, I’ve heard the negatives many feel they need to illustrate and yeah, a vertical firing button does seem logical. But I don’t shoot vertical videos so it’s OK with me. The better fit in my hand is nice. While weighing only 10oz, I was really quite surprised though when I mounted the Z7 / MB-N10 onto the 180-400VR, it made a big difference to the rigs balance! Over the years, I’ve come to learn to stay positive and that with all I shoot with there is always a side benefit to a tool I didn’t see coming. In this case, a major improvement of shooting the Z on the 180-400VR. The MB-N10, nice addition to the kit!

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