additional grips MB-N10 & MB-N11

I love, just love the compact size of the Z bodies! They go in so many places that bigger DSLRs don’t and are simply fun to carry about. That’s how my main body, the Z 6II lives in my kit, body only. My Z 6 though lives attached to the MB-N10 and when I’m doing an air-to-air, the Z 6II is attached to the MB-N11. Why do I use which and when, and why? Well, good questions, lemme answer them for ya.

The Z 6 is now just a video / time-lapse body and the MB-N10 is killer for that. Why? That’s because with the MB-N10 you can hot-swap the batteries. That’s to say that when one battery goes dead, you can switch it out and the camera still has power from the other battery to keep running (you can do this to a fashion with the MB-N11 at least until Battery B goes dead). Doing an eight-hour time lapse, no problem (MB-N10 LEDs tell you status of battery charge with a push of a button on the MB-N10. MB-N11 you need to access Battery Info in body Set Up menu.). Doing a two-hour zoom presentation, slam dunk. The MB-N10 doesn’t have a vertical firing button though but the MB-N11 does. Because MB-N11 has a vertical firing button you can’t hot-swap batteries. It has its batteries in a single try that has to be pulled out completely to swap batteries. That’s the compromise to include the vertical that I need for my air-to-air work. I have them all in my kit and when I need or don’t need them, they are there to power away.

Note: the Really Right Stuff plate for the Z 6II fits on the bottom of the MB-N11 perfectly. Doesn’t look the most elegant but functions perfectly.

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