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on Jun 14, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Metal Wizards = Image Wizards

B-25J "Betty's Dream" captured by D4, 24-70AFS

B-25J “Betty’s Dream”
captured by D4, 24-70AFS

Image Wizards, simply put, they are the best! Printing serves many purposes in photography, from monetary gains to personal satisfaction. For these purposes and so many more, when I need metal prints, they are who I turn to and I’ve NEVER been disappointed. I was reminded recently just how simple, just how good and just how professional Image Wizards truly are when an order for a print of the above image came in and just days later (it was a very time sensitive order), it was in the hands of one very overwhelmed print owner. You can see for yourself in the following video my thoughts:

How do I send prints to Images Wizard? First and foremost, I finish file the exact same as I would creating a paper print for my Epson printers. In the case of a metal print, I finish the file exactly how I would for Epson Exhibition or new (and mind blowing) Platine! You can use the Epson Premium Luster paper profile, ProPhoto RGB and send the file off to Image Wizards and know that your gorgeous print is on its way to you. The only trick is picking the finish you like. My preference is the White Aluminum which, especially for aviation subjects, brings the metal in the aircraft to real life perceptions. I recommend them whole heartedly and highly recommend you send off a file today to see for yourself. It will change your photography!

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