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on Jan 17, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Moon Lit Night

Cape Disappointment
captured by Z7 / 70-200f4

The lighthouse, the lone sentinel protecting seafarers from dashing on the rugged rocks and reefs of the coast. This incredibly romantic symbol of our coastline draws me in over and over again. Just how do we tell the lighthouse’s story to draw our viewer in when they have seen lighthouses over and over? If the moon is going to be part of your story, that’s a major challenge. If you want the light from the lighthouse and its path never reaches the land, that’s a problem. The way I went about capturing this scene was to shoot at 10am (not PM) and underexpose once the sun was behind a cloud. I used a cooler WB to suggest night. I waited until a wave was in the foreground to provide some visual depth. And finally, added the lighthouse beam in post. And if I did my job right, you look at the photo and feel a little of the romance of the sea.

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