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on Apr 2, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Moving Gear Around the Country

After last weeks Live Broadcast had a number of folks emails asking how we get our gear around the country. The answer is real simple, Think Tank! This is what Brent & I had with us this last week working on our documentary Normandy Bound (left to right):

Video Transport 18
Airport Security v3 (packing video)
Retrospective 10 Shoulder Bag
Video Tripod Mngr 44 x2 (packing video)
Logistics Mngr 30 (packing video)
Shape Shifter 15

Now the check-in weight for our bags totaled 270lbs and that’s just lights (lots of lights), stands, tripod and a whole bunch of important odds and ends we need for production. That doesn’t include the camera bags that went as carry-on. And all the gear arrived at the project site and back home again, as it always does, safe and sound. I’m hoping those asking weren’t looking for a lengthy answer cause using Think Tank not only keeps the gear safe but the answer short and sweet.

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