Coastal Grizzly Bear
captured with D2H / 400f2.8AFS

Each time the photographer picks up their camera, they are challenged by the creative process. Yes, there is the technical side which for many, they never get past what they perceive as a huge wall. And getting past that wall you smack right up against the creative. Then if you’re like more photographers, you spend in between time on the web looking at other’s photographs, often in the hopes of inspiration. That’s when the “grass is always greener” pops up as we think is only we …. Using myself and the emails that pour in, there is the very real perceived idea that I live the life my mom told her friends I was living when I became self-employed in late 1990, “Oh my son has retired and just travels and take pictures.) The perception many get from their search for creative inspiration when seeing photographer’s social thread is just that, all they do is take pictures. That perception is barely anchored in reality just like the photograph itself!

Spitfire & Hurricane
captured by D5 / 24-70VR

I’m often asked how much time I spend in “the field?” I’m not sure if folks are asking how much I travel or how much time am I behind a camera. The answer to the first is too much and the answer to the second is, not enough. The reality is I’m in the “office” about half the year, six months doing the work thing that supports the other six months traveling. But twelve months of the year, 365/24/7 there is work to do to create those images I’m so honored so many of you say inspire you and that’s the point!

We tend to be our own worst enemy in the creative process by the assumptions we make looking at others work. We say “I could do that if … if I had that lens, that body, that money, that time, that opportunity” assuming that what we’re looking at was made just that simply. There is nothing simple about photography, nothing! And one of the big roadblocks is self-imposed, the perceptions we assume are realities. There is one thing you must keep in mind at all times when it comes to photography, you must keep it fun! That’s the one sure way I know of moving past, the grass is always greener!

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