I’ve been looking at and working on getting new perches for my feeder birds to use. The issue is, most of the feeders are up high to keep them away from bears and I can shoot them out our 2nd story windows. I’ve put up perches in all the easy places so the challenge was on. What I just put up required a patio umbrella stand, 50lbs sand, 18′ pole and the perch. I assembled all these and now have a perch I can place just about any place. Right now, it is far enough away from the window to shoot the D750 / 800mm / TC-14eIII combo (this is a Pine Siskin, about the size of your thumb). Once the 300f4 PF arrives, I’ll move it closer to get the image size I want with that lens. And that’s really the best part about the perch. It can me moved for the desired lens or background desired.

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