Bitterroot captured by Z 6II / Z105mc @f25 1:1.2

A few weeks back, the Bitterroot started to bloom. Montana’s state flower, we have quite a few of them on the south slope of The Ranch. They are a really pretty flower a tad larger than a dollar piece best known from the Journals of Lewis & Clark (their Latin name is Lewis …). Sharon and I had seen a couple of our walks over the slope but noticed that they weren’t always open. Wondering how they propagate I looked up their biology. They have an unique biology thriving on dry, hot slopes opening up for a short period then closing to conserve moisture. Then the Nikkor Z105mc arrived and my appreciation for this flower went nuts!

Yep, I went looking for fresh Bitterroot with the new Nikkor Z105mc in hand! The first thing I noticed with the Nikkor Z105mc is the focusing is IF, the lens barrel does not expand or contract when you focus. It displays the reproduction rate you’re shooting at, in this case I set it to half lifesize. I used the Really Right Stuff B150-B Focus Rail to do the actual focusing on the pistil. It’s when the pistil first came into focus that I was blown away by the delicate pattern hidden inside. Though the temps were just hitting 90 degrees, I kept working the image, slightly rotating the tripod/camera to get the angle I liked the best. I then photographed it at various f/stops (and lucky for me, clouds started to float by diffusing the light, I didn’t have to use the scrim I had with me). 

Getting back to the computer two things happened. First, my fast love affair with the Nikkor Z105mc was quickly solidified as the first 24×30 print rolled out of the Epson P7000 (printing the f/25 image). Simply bloody spectacular results for a guy who doesn’t do macro! The second thing is a love for our state flower. It comes in many shades, this being its white shade. This one was growing up through pine needles between two pine cones. Others on our slope are coming up in various other situations. For the last five days I’ve spent my morning when the temps starting hitting 85 degrees on our slope with my two new loves enjoying a new world. And all it took was a great lens and flower to get me there. I love this latest addition to my kit!

Z105f2.8 @f9 1:1.2
Z105f2.8 @f51 1:1.2

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