This is one wicked sharp lens! As I stated on my video for this lens, I bought it for one feature, f1.4! Shooting this lens wide open is basically all I do all the time when shooting it. I can only do that because it is just that sharp. While the lens is tack sharp spectacular, keep in mind that at f1.4, the DOF is such a narrow band of focus you have to be incredibly careful with your focusing and where you place your focus. This lens is not for amateurs!

And here’s the honest truth, this lens IS NOT for everyone! There is no reason to spend the $2k for this lens if you DON’T NEED f1.4! Buy a used 24f2.8AF for a couple of hundred of dollars. It’s a beautiful little lens that produces marvelous results and take the money you spend and go shooting! But if you need wide angle f1.4 performance, you ain’t going to find a better then than this.

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