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on Jan 15, 2018 in Field Reports

Nikon D850 – A Fireside Chat

Nikon D850
Nikon MB-D18
Nikon EP-5B
Nikon EH-5C
D850 settings

Moose’s Favorite D850 feature summary
D850 Highlights – Stills – 5yrs after the intro of the D800
* 45.7mp FX camera sensor is 35.9×23.9mm (35mm = 36x24mm)
D810 was 36.3mp
* Nikon designed BSI (back-side illumination) sensor w/o Low-pass layer on Optical Filter
this lets light more efficiently reach photodiodes
* Powered by Expeed 5, the D850 has amazing autofocus. That’s because it’s the same as in the D5, which is legendary AF performance. It can focus with a 6x & 2x Polarizer!
*At the same time better Dynamic Range than D810
* This extreme resolution and AF performance operates at 7FPS / 9 FPS with MB-D18
* Native low ISO64 – 25600, lowest of any digital camera
* And does this with a 51 frame consecutive buffer and nearly 50% better battery performance than the D810
* This is all housed in a magnesium-alloy body that is wx & dust resistant. Bigger and heavier than the D810, the D850 has no pop-up flash. That space has been maximized with a 0.75x optical viewfinder, the widest and brightest ever for Nikon
* Dual slot – XQD & SD (going into the door on the right side)
* 3.2” 2359k dot, touch operable (shooting & Menus), tilt monitor
* Button illumination
* 3 Nef (Raw) file sizes
* Wireless flash operation
* New Negative digitizer
* Focus Stacking
* 1:1 Square image format

Highlights – video
* D850 does full frame 4k 30p video
* @1080p can do slow motion 120p
* High ISO – low noise performance
* Focus Peaking in 1080p for manual focus
* 2 Zebra striping modes
* Native 4k time-lapse movie w/”Silent Shutter” / 8k time-lapse possible (w/3rd party software)
exposure smoothing / extended low-light metering range

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