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on Aug 27, 2018 in Camera Tech

Nikon Z7 Focus

At the Nikon Z7 launch, one of the sets they had created for folks to play with the preproduction Z7s was this mixologist. He was ~really~ good and it was obvious his job was not to serve drinks, but never hold still. It was a good test for testing some key features on the new Nikon Z7. I lucked out in having the amazing fellow Nikon Ambassadors Corey Rich and Chris Hershman who had already shot real world video with the Z7 with me to answer my questions. My first question was follow focus, locking on a subject and has it moved, the camera locking on to and holding that focus (yep, thinking critter and aircraft). Simply put, I was amazed! One of my personal issues with shooting video is holding focus. That’s because I wear reading glasses and in bright sun, it’s just painful for me. Not with the Z7! Better was the Z7‘s ability to pull/push focus. In the photo above, the arrows point to the to places I wanted to test focus. Simply touching the Z7‘s LCD where I wanted focus, it grabbed focus and would push or pull the focus to that point. But even better, there is a menu setting to change the speed of that push or pull +/-5 permitting slow or fast change. And it did all of these things while sliding on the slider! So for our video work, this is a huge game changer especially since I could do it!


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