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on Aug 24, 2018 in Field Reports

Nikon Z7 – Fun Reinvented!

captured by Nikon Z7, Z24-70f4 ISO800

It was an amazingly great, enlightening, fun day launching the new Nikon Z7. Amongst all the greatness around me, I was truly fortunate to be just a bystander and just watch and take it all in. I wish you could have all been there or at the very least, I could bottle up all the excitement in the room and send it to you. But you’ll understand soon enough when you experience the Nikon Z7. There were 30 Nikon Z7 kits in the room for the press and retailers to play with. Nikon had a number of shooting stations for them to shoot kind of real-world fun. Watching the faces of these folks who had been through the presentation and then reach into their camera bag to pull out the Nikon Z7 was priceless! My favorite was one who must have thought the Nikon Z7 was heavy because they gave quite a tug to get the camera out of the bag. It came FLYING out and their face not only communicated the surprise but fear the camera was going to go flying across the room! Thank goodness the Nikon Z7 has such a great grip!

captured by Nikon Z7, 105f1.4 with FTZ ISO800

As to these two photos. After folks were leaving and bodies became available, us Ambassadors started to grab them and play. Talk about kids in a candystore!!! That’s when it really got fun! First, learn the new options and maximize settings. Then we went shooting. Now I’m no portrait photographer but wanted to shoot with my beloved 105f1.4 and the FTZ (as so many of you were asking me) to compare with the Z24-70f4. Using the Pinpoint AF, CH Extended, ISO800 I shot first with both. The performance of both lenses on the Z7, AF, Sharpness or any other measure compared to a DSLR experience in every way. The operation of the 105 was the 105 even though on a mirrorless. But I’ve not seen my 105f1.4 perform so beautifully. I’ve had a ton of questions about shooting with the FTZ and after this an much more, I think the word “adapter” needs to be highly modified since it’s like no adapter you’ve ever used before! And it just continued the amazing journey that started earlier this week with the Nikon Z7, mirrorless and FUN reinvented!


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