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on Oct 9, 2018 in Field Reports

Nikon Z7 / Z6 Sensor Cleaning

photo courtesy Nikon

“My Sensor Loop doesn’t work with my Z7” is flooding my inbox. That’s because not only are our sensor loops too small in diameter, their magnification is designed for the distance of our DSLR mirror boxes. So if you’re like me and shooting the bejiggers out of your Z7, checking and cleaning your sensor is a priority. What do you do? Since I’ve done so many videos and a whole Kelby Class on cleaning, I seem to be the natural choice in seeking help. Well here’s the catch to sensor cleaning:

That pharse “poke it” has even stopped me in my tracks! I simply don’t have an answer yet because the sensor of the Z7 / Z6 is on a five point gimble. My imagination (because I don’t have the facts) is that putting pressure on that sensor for normal wet swab cleaning runs the risk of not only scratching the sensor, but messing up that five-point gimble. So the question remains, what do you do?

First is the challenge of holding our sensor loops the right distance from the sensor to see dust. Then if we see dust, first run the camera’s Clean Sensor Now menu option until is grays out or no longer permits you to run this option. If that doesn’t do it for you, use a blower bulb to blow dust off. Use caution as you can’t insert the bulb as far as you do with your DSLR. And if that doesn’t work, at this point do as the IB suggests and have it professionally cleaned. Once I have another solution for you, I’ll post it.

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