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on Sep 11, 2020 in Field Reports, Moose's Camera Bag

Nikon’s ES-2 is Brilliant!

For the recent Landscape Photography Conference, I needed to copy some of my old slides. My Nikon LS-5000 was still in its box from the move and getting it out, setting it up on the Mac simply wasn’t in the time budget. That’s when I remembered about the Nikon ES-2. I didn’t own one so I headed to Bedfords and a short time later, I had it in the gear locker.

This thing is brilliant! All you have to do is screw the Nikon ES-2 onto the front of either a 40mm or 60mm Macro (DX or FX), point it at a light source, and go click. Be sure to clean the slide first, shoot through the emulsion side (flipping once in post) and you have a gorgeous copy. It’s simply too good to be true! You can copy negatives or positives with the same ease. Bring the Nef copy of your image into ACR, do whatever image adjusting you want with your normal workflow, and bam, you have a gorgeous digital copy! I’ll probably never use the LS-5000 again, the Nikon ES-2 was simply too simple.

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