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on Feb 4, 2019 in Landscape Photography

Nits in the Details

Lower Yellowstone Falls
captured by Z7 / 180-400VR

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is such a gorgeous place! It’s a really photographer friendly place as you can’t take a bad picture there. Shooting from Artist’s Point, the draw up the Canyon to the falls is breathtaking. Then you add in the snow, the wind, the cold, the sound and the color, well that’s a sensory overload that the camera can’t even imagine. How do you smack the viewer between the eyes with all of that when they are looking at your photo from the warmth of their home?

Lower Yellowstone Falls
captured by Z7 /

I quick and simple way is putting it all in their face! Shooting with a telephoto does a great job doing that. In this case, shooting with the Z7 / 180-400VR, the top photo was taken at 180mm and the bottom at 560mm. But coming right in on the ice (making sure it stays blue cause it’s cold!), you bring it to life. The imagination “hears” the roar of the water on the left and the mind because of the warm tone of the rock sees the “cold” in the ice. It’s quick, simple and effective but the nits are in the details.

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