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on Jul 8, 2020 in Landscape Photography

“Not Why I’m Here …”

The Ranch
captured by D6 / 14-24AFS

I was sitting there very comfortably reading and watching the evening thunderstorm build outside. The light was getting nicer and nicer and there I sat watching it when the lightbulb went off in my head, “I’m not here just to sit and watch it!” I flew out of my chair, grabbed the D6, and attached the 14-24AFS, and walked out the door with just my flaps on. While I got out, I still wasn’t taking the opportunity laid in my lap seriously. As soon as I got out the door though I saw it just wasn’t just a purdy cloud, it was a magnificent sky! The chase was on.

The sky was ablaze, the wind was whistling and I was in flaps heading up the sage up our hill! The clouds were moving so I moved as fast as I could to a clearing so take in as much as I could. Set to 14mm, I realized I still didn’t have wide enough glass. I then had to decide what part of the explosion would bring home the story. It was an intense, fun, and rewarding fifteen minutes watching Mother Nature put on one helluva show. As I walked back down to house it dawned on me I had already become too complacent and not chasing the photographs as I should be. Yeah, I could blame it on COVID but that wouldn’t be honest. It was I had seen it before, I’d seen it a lot at The Ranch and just assumed I’d see it again. I don’t know, I thought I would shoot it the next time? But I’d not shot it before so why did I think I would the next time? I don’t know who or what kicked my butt but it needed kicking ’cause I would be really sad to have missed that show now that I know what I know. That’s the thought we have to keep in mind. It’s pretty simple though, it’s not why I’m here.

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