Kodiak Brown Bear captured by D6 / 180-400VR

Summer might seem months away but as we all know, it will be here tomorrow. That means that today is the day to start getting ready. It warms me to think of all the grand adventures awaiting us all, we are very fortunate. And I want you to have the best of times which photographically means it’s time to prep for those adventures. There are lots to be done and not that I’m going to list all the possibilities here, I just wanna give you some ideas.

Photo Gear
Finalize the gear you’re going to take at least a month prior to your adventure! Get it all packed in the bag you’re going to take making sure it fits in the overhead of the smallest airplane you’re going to fly in. If you’re renting gear, pad the time you receive so you can practice and get to know it. Do Google searches and broaden your idea of photographic possibilities. Check the weather for the time you’re going to be shooting so you have what you need be either a Miops or white towel, or both. And most importantly, think through all you read and apply it to you, and don’t take any of it at face value.

Personal Gear
Rain gear, footgear, binoculars, meds, computer, power, make a bloody list of EVERYTHING you think you might need and want, NOW! Then start to ponder that list asking yourself if you need all those items. Can you break down your list into must-haves, need, and want? Less is more and as you start packing you will find how true this is. Prepack everything into your luggage a month prior to your trip to make sure what’s on your list fits and can go.

I realize some of this seems obvious. But having traveled with folks who haven’t traveled for the last few years seems to be, out of practice. A great way to be prepared for that great adventure is to start getting ready for it now. Now’s not the time to relax.

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