The very endangered Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse captured by F3 / 300f4AF w/PK-11a

San Francisco Bay and the land and marshes that surrounded it was a biological marvel prior to 1850. We know this because of the very small slice preserved by the SFBay NWR. An unique member of this habitat is the very endangered Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse. Weighing less than a nickle, smaller than your pinkie, this mouse can swim drink and eat saltwater. This old, Kodachrome shot came to be but a freak of luck as a woman at the marsh saw the mouse and shreeked. I was shooting there with the 800f5.6 and would I heard this, I stopped traffic as I stood in the road trying to get the shot. In the mean time, Sharon was rushing back to car to get the 300f4AF and ext tube before the mouse disappeared back into the marsh. Lucky for me, it sat eating its pickleweed until I got the lens and made the click. A special member of our wild heritage!

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