Caribou on ANWR captured by D2H / 200-400f4

2PM in early spring looks quite different on ANWR. The northern most NWR I think is one of our most treasured and one few have the opportunity to visit. This remote outpost on the edge of the Beaufort Sea well above the Arctic Circle. I’ve only had the good fortune to spend a few weeks on ANWR in a handful of visits over the years but I fell in love with it the first day I stepped out of the plane at Whale Mtn on the Kongakut River. This herd of Caribou can’t even be described as a drop in the bucket when describing the vastness of the herds. I friend too a four image pano with a 500mm lens years back and there isn’t a pixel in the pano that doesn’t have at least five Caribou in it. The herds are that big. To the unvisited it appears to be a vacant, sparse and harsh environment. But take one step personally on ANWR and you find instantly that is far from the truth. It is an incredibly rich, backed, diverse world I so want to spend more time exploring with my camera!

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