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on Dec 24, 2018 in Field Reports

Omni Charge – Oh The Power!

My dear friends at Bedford Camera introduced me to the Omni Charge. Then they were kind enough to get one in my hands ASAP (Thanks Jason!). This thing simply freakin rocks! You can see how small it is above next to the Z7. What it can do is power and charge your MacBook Pro (2010-2015), phones, iPads, drones, and many more things, even charge the Z7/Z6 battery (very safely). From a full dead state, the Omni Charge charges in less than three hours. On one charge, it charged at the same time my MacBook Pro, Sharon’s MacBook Air (using block & Omni Charge cable), an iPad and iPhone before quitting! I even ran my Epson 2255 projector with it for an hour! I even charged it with my solar panel. It’s a new portable power source coming into our locker and a perfect time. Check it out!

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