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on Dec 23, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Only Work with Blue Ripples?

Gtr Sandhill Crane 12193

My post about Blue Ripples brought in all sorts of emails asking if its only works with blue? Actually, it can work with many possibilities. The key is you see the light, recognize the reflection and find a complimentary color to the main reflection. Here’s two variations on the same theme. The above photograph is a sunrise shot and the bottom is a sunset shot. What’s the difference because they both have lots of red (which means I’m shooting in Cloudy WB).

Gtr Sandhill Crane 10333

First is to isolate the main reflection which in this case is the color red. Shooting with the D4s / 800mm, I move laterally so the few clouds that are red and reflecting in the water and filling the viewfinder. The next important factor is you have to select cranes that are moving. If they aren’t moving, they aren’t creating ripples and with no ripples, you don’t see the “yellow” rings in the water around them. Ya, you’re shooting at a slower shutter speed because it’s dark. That’s why you take more than one click at a time to increase the odds of getting that one shot you love that has sharp elements. So in a very long winded answer to the question if it only works with blue, no :-)

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