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on Jan 4, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Peak Design Anchor Link

It will go right to his head, but Chuck was right! I’m a well-known hater of camera straps. Why? Watch the video! Chuck though has cured that by introducing me to Peak Design Anchor Links. First, I always hated putting my camera back in the bag with the strapped attached. Why? Because they tend to scratch the *)@($$! out of the bodies. Next, they can scare off critters. Lastly, they often just get in my way. Curing all of these issues and more is the Peak Design Anchor Links quick release system. The video explains the rest. Oh, and Chuck … thanks!

The straps I mention:
AN-4B Nylon Neck Strap – Black
Gripper Camera Strap 1.5″ with Swivel Quick Release – Black
A4 Vulture 1.75″ Camera Strap with Aluminum Quick-Release Adjuster (what I use in my A2A photography)

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