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on May 31, 2018 in Field Reports

Photoshop World Precon 2018

I’m exhausted and that’s because it was simply a fabulous day! Photoshop World started with its Precon yesterday and I had a marvelous group of 40 photographers eager to tackle the world of writing with light, better known as photography! Under incredibly stormy skies after an hour of classwork, we headed out to my dear friend’s Stallion 51 to work with six Mustang P-51Ds and our models Tea & Shada.

It was a great class and I know this because I didn’t get to shoot other than a couple of example photo to give folks a direction to start. With all the rains, we took advantage of the huge hangar and gorgeous light its big open doors provide us. You can see Tea above from the simple exercise of moving a subject in further and further into the hangar to use that light. We had a short break in the rain when they could pull on a Mustang out on the ramp. With the great God screem above, the girls hopped up on a wing to bring our “Rosie the Riveter” in contact with her work. Both photos were taken with the D5 with 105f1.4.

Our time outdoors was short lived and the Mustang and the rain returned and it had to be hangared again. Took this opportunity to do a little flash work. My dear friends at B&H Photo we kind enough to give every one of the attendees one of my favorite light modifiers, the Impact Quikbox Micro. To help learn how to use flash and the light modifier, I had folks solve the complex problem of lighting our models with the strong backlight of the open hangar for a background. They did marvelous gaining control over flash and removing the fear of this unknown light. So while it might have been pouring rain, for me and all the attendees the light shined and photography won the day. What a great start to Photoshop World!

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